Feeling Out of Touch with Your Rhythm? Here's Four Steps to Get You Back on Track.

For whatever reason, we humans sometimes lean towards behaviors and habits that throw us off. It can be seductive at times. It's a give and take based on our own chemistry and what is moderate for one may be poison for another. If you're anything like me, you're extra sensitive to what comes in and what goes out. That's why discovering YOUR unique formula for day to day balance is key to feeling more connected to your creative potential and higher purpose - which directly funnels back into the world.

Being 'selfish' when it comes to healthy habits and boundaries is like putting fuel in the tank so you can keep living and creating from a full and inspired place (so let's remove the word 'selfish' and replace it with 'soul love'!). When we discover a sense of personal rhythm and balance, we have more clarity and magnetism in our respective fields. The more aligned you are with your tried and true formula, the less space you have for the crap that brings you down. With practice and experimentation, what seemed like a chore becomes a 'must have'. You'll be stronger, more flexible, more intuitive and better able to surf the tides of change without a total melt down.

Here's a 4 tips to start your own Soul Love Rehab routine. If you want to be tapped into your creative freedom and intuitive powers - discovering your rhythm is a must. Support your unique body and soul with the following:

- Practice yoga and other movement practices (at the very least) 3 times a week. More is excellent! Wipe out the 'all or nothing' mentality and squeeze in 10 minutes if that's where the day lands. Your body depends on movement to stay strong and healthy. Otherwise things clog up and your mental and emotional stability can fall to pieces, which feels shitty. When your body can flush out tension on a regular basis, anxiety turns into energy and you'll feel more confident and clear. 

- Spend time with people who support you and inspire you. Weed out the people who question your worth or belittle your efforts to better yourself. Notice when you're doing this to others and take responsibility. Also, take a chance and put yourself in social settings with others who seem like they're a few steps ahead of you. Allow yourself to be on the same playing field, be brave, and say hello.

- Pick one thing that's been hanging heavy on your to-do list. It can be anything. What makes you feel overwhelmed or drained when you think of it? Vow to get it done by a specific date, and be realistic so you set yourself up to win. Schedule it in your calendar and tell a good friend to hold you accountable. Maybe you can even do this Soul Love task together. I'm sure they have one hanging over their head too!

- Practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is a sure way to refill your empty tank. It takes energy to stay bitter! Think of someone who really angers or frustrates you (even if you no longer speak to them) and send them gratitude right now. It's highly likely you learned something valuable from them. Feel lighter, positively affect those around you and unclog space so your intuition can soar. 

Was this helpful for you? If so, let me know in the comments below and share this post with others. Your journey may help another.