Feeling “Too Much” Is Your Superpower

You’re so sensitive. You feel things too much. Why do you take everything so personally?

Has anyone (including yourself) ever told you any of the above?

We can become inspired by feeling or overwhelmed by feeling. It’s a double sided coin. Some days feeling deeply ignites a bright fire right under the ass of your biggest dreams and makes everything flow with magical synchronized ease. Other days this heightened sense of feeling can downward spiral into a pit of anxiety, isolation or disconnect. The key here is to remember that each expression is full of energy and insight which can be consciously directed once we’re aware of its power.

If this sounds foreign to you, maybe you have a loved one who is an ultra sensitive feeler. In which case, I hope this post will support you too.   

I was a curious child and had an early connection to the non-physical realm. I also had a keen intuition that sometimes felt like a best friend and a guide. Yet there was another side, depending on the day, that made being in my body unbearable. I felt heavy, shut down and emotionally off. My ‘antennas’ often picked up on ‘too much’ and would overwhelm me.

In various forms, I learned that feeling so intensely was ‘wrong’ and often heard the phrase “Aarona, stop being so sensitive.” Trying to fit into the belief that I felt ‘too much’ created anxiety and sometimes depression. 

Highly sensitive feelers have likely shamed, stuffed, or starved this sacred ‘sense’ at some point. However when our relationship to our sensitivity matures, we learn to properly filter the reception and tap into a wellspring of intuition and creative power. It’s a soulful path of discovery, a sharpening of our tools and a necessary journey for feelers.

I had to teach myself to let feeling IN, to learn and create from it, and to trust its wild imagination that I now feel honoured to know.  I eventually realized that the rules I learned along the way were not my own and I had betrayed my true essence. I navigate the world and have created my greatest work through feeling. It’s just me. And the sooner I accept this the sooner I can get on with the sweet shiny gift of life.

It may not be the easiest road travelled, but it is a road of bubbling potential and artistry nonetheless. We can re-discover freedom and relax into our intensity AND our softness. We can return to our inherent nature with confidence and feel at home in our body. And we can be genuinely grateful that our antennas are strong and can receive empathic wave lengths of understanding and expression through feeling. 

My hope is that we can each learn to thrive, create and share from this special and sacred ‘sense’ - which is exactly where the super power of true intuition resides. 

Do you also have the 'feeling superpower'? Do you know someone else who does? Please share your experiences and insights below so we can make this conversation more comfortable for all.