Meet Resistance with Kindness

Stagnation is a call for change. Feeling stuck is a sign that you need to move. Weighed down with clutter is a nudge to clean up and make space. The thread between them all is to Let Go. We know this yet sometimes we resist or avoid the signal.  

 As the C.G. Jung inspired quote says: ‘What we resist persists and grows stronger.’ So - Just. Stop. Resisting. Accept it and move on. Right? Theoretically this sounds great; just let it all be. Yet change can bring up a wildly feral resistance, especially when it shakes the foundation of who we are (or reveals that perhaps we’ve never known). It can be both exhilarating and scary. 

This is exactly where our personal and spiritual practices play a vital role (ie: yoga, meditation, prayer, running, writing - whatever brings you home to yourself). As we ride the waves of life and learn to breathe into the relentless dance of ebb and flow, practicing steady presence and a relaxed awareness becomes a profound exercise. This can be applied anywhere and will pay off with practice. 

Do you feel defensive in the face of change? Do you ever feel defeated before you even begin? Do you crave big changes yet can’t seem to let go of what you have? If so, you’re likely experiencing the sweetly stubborn teacher called Resistance.

 Sit back for a moment and reflect on this. Take a deep breath in and a slow steady breath out. Keep breathing. Experience a soft neutral state as you observe your reflections. Feel and look at your inner landscape. Meet your resistance with kindness. Remind yourself that it’s all an experience. It is not “good” and it is not “bad”. Even a glimpse of this is worth gold.

Allow yourself to grow, even if there’s a few growing pains along the way. Recall similar moments in the past and how things had a way of working out. Your prior self has jumped through hoops and has dodged lightening bolts to get you here. Trust her. You are a brave beauty.


Soul Love Mantras: 
I meet resistance with kindness. 
I trust the change unfolding in my life. 
I let go of the beliefs that hinder my growth.

What has helped pull you out of the sludge of resistance? What tried and true mantras have worked for you? Please share your comments below and share your growth with others.