Beginning Class: A Prayer After the OM

(*This is for you teachers, from my recent post on the inspiring Teach.Yoga site) 

The room settles as you enter and a friendly chatter softens. You find your seat and the room stills as you begin class. You’ve all arrived. What do you feel in this exact moment?


As teachers, we have an opportunity to dial into a creative power that is bigger than us. It’s a profound and exciting gift. It doesn’t mean we don’t bring our real selves to class – we actually DO want to bring our feeling-based human connection into the room. It’s what fuels an impactful experience. And with a saturation of yoga teachers out there today, students need your present voice more than ever. Once we’ve arrived, part of our ‘job’ is to do some quick internal smudging if needed, set heart-felt intentions, and encourage students to feel at home in their intelligent breathing bodies.

Here’s a few suggestions to help you teach from a place of intention and feel more grounded no matter what life has thrown at you that day. Practiced regularly, these tips will connect you to your inner source of power and plug you into the overall energy of your students.

– Once seated, look around the room, take it in and see who came to practice with you.

– As you share your theme (i.e., set an intention, reflect on forgiveness, observe your breath, brighten your spine, etc) – hear yourself speak and FEEL what you are saying in your own bones and heart.

– One of my faves – Pause after the OM and silently pray. (Or find another way to pause and pray if you don’t OM). An example could be, “Spirit, may each person here be filled with love and peace, may my words and guidance be filled with your grace and wisdom.” My prayers often change. Feel, let go and riff. It takes 15 seconds and the room feels it.

I believe every dedicated teacher wants to curate a thoughtful class, know their core purpose and lead with intention. The practice of teaching with intention is ongoing and will evolve for life. It is an art form that must come from your heart and soul to be sustainable.
Let’s continue to make this a global collaboration! I am right along side you learning and growing.

Stay tuned for my upcoming ‘Teach with Intention’ online mastermind coming this fall. To stay in the loop, say hello here.