Take a Deep Breath & Reset Your Perspective

 (Plus a free 5-minute 'Present Breath Meditation' below...)

Sure, we’re all breathing or we wouldn’t be alive. But are you really breathing? Like, hydrating your cells, slowing down hasty impulses, dropping into the present moment type of breathing? This is something we can all practice in almost any setting: deep-present-nourishing inhales followed by slow-steady-softening exhales. Continuously. 

Recently, a healer I work with told me, “Regret is the past. Anxiety is the future. Conscious breath is the present.” Genius. She also told me, “You breathe into your upper chest when you speak about certain things, like a flutter, and that is creating anxiety. Breathe deeper into your belly more often. Big deep belly breaths, as you relax your heart and settle into yourself.” Ding ding. Her words hit home. I guess I needed to hear it. Again.

We have to keep reminding ourselves to consciously breathe, both on and off our yoga mat. Especially when we feel anxious, stressed or heady. Our nervous system, mental and emotional wellbeing, creative fire and even our relationships will all greatly benefit. 

It seems like common sense. Yet our day-to-day tasks and missions can take over when we don’t pay attention. It doesn’t mean you’re ‘bad’. So don’t go down that rabbit hole. It just means that whenever you notice you’ve drifted away into shallow breathing, pause and breathe deeper. You’ll reset and remember that all is well. 

Eventually all of the little reminders will add up and before you know it, healthy breathing will become your preferred way of living in your beautiful breathing body. And I’m most certainly on the journey with you.

I’ve recorded a 5-minute audio where I guide you through a simple and gentle ‘Present Breath Meditation’ - Check it out on my Soundcloud page or scroll down below(Plus there's a ton more music to listen to when you go to this page). Soothing Tibetan Singing Bowls are in the background as I guide you into a deep and steady breath rhythm. You can take this practice with you anywhere, it’s yours to keep. 

Now, take 3 deep, long, steady breaths right now. What shifts do you feel?  

Please share your experience below to keep the conversation going! And if you found this post or the free 5-minute Present Breath Meditation helpful, share it with your friends. The more conscious breathing on the planet the better!