Gossip much? How to completely kill your creative spark.

* I'm going to let this one roll out journal style. So excuse me in advance for the foul mouth language my one-of-a-kind mother taught me. Plus, 7 day challenge below...


What happens when you strip the shit-talker down to their bare-naked soul with nothing to hide behind? There's the same spark of light that we’re all born with, the same vulnerable humanity that we all share, and the same deep need to be loved and seen. We're part of the same beautiful tattered tapestry of endless discovery, somehow all connected. And this will never change, even if you’re an asshole. 

Shit talking makes the gossiper feel superior, temporarily. And for some bizarre reason many people feel 'connected' and less alone when they gossip together. Constructive criticism or getting something off your chest is one thing. But mindless gossip is lazy, boring, parasitic and a clear marker that you're avoiding your own shadows. 

If you look closer and pay attention to how you truly feel after gossiping, aka ego/verbal masturbation, you'll notice that your energy is depleted or heavy. A certain rancid energy is left in the air. You may even feel like you need caffeine or some sugar to pick your energy back up so you can feel like yourself again. (*Pick up a glass of water instead. Wash it away, send some love to your target and apologize to the skies.)

One never really knows what's going on for someone else. We each have our own limitations that we’re learning to navigate and expand beyond. And none of us want to be on the receiving end of trash talking because it feels shitty and we're tender beneath it all.

We don't have to love or even like everyone. Yet we also don't need to waste our precious energy and words hurting them from afar or depleting our valuable energy. Use it for making real magic in the world instead. Focus on your own needed improvements first. And generate your own good juju so you can be an inspiration.



Join me in this challenge: NO GOSSIP or COMPLAINING for the next 7 days. That's one full week. You can do this. Then make it a part of your ongoing life practice.

*If you slip, no biggie! Use it as fuel, observe honestly how it made you feel and notice the energy left in the air. Then, get RIGHT BACK on track. Make a better choice. Notice how much more creative brilliance and positive energy you have.

Leave your comments below and let me know if you're in for this life-enhancing challenge! Plus, how have you risen above gossip or complaining in your life or community?

With love,