3 Questions to Help You Shed Old Rules

 In my gut and my heart I believe we all want to grow and be better. We may not all act on it or know how to do this, yet that bright seed of a spark we're all born with never completely dies - no matter how much we've ignored it. 

For me personally, this path has become my passion in every realm: health, career, relationships, creativity, communication, beauty, self-care, perceptions....fill in the blank. I often have to remind myself that it's about progress not perfection. This way I stay in the flow, or at the least, allow myself to learn what 'the flow' means for me personally - which I've discovered may be different from the examples I thought I was suppose to emulate. My flow and rhythm is always changing, and somehow at the same time, crystalizing. 

As we grow or change, a shedding of old skin and habits follows. Yet it's up to us to participate as we peel away the layers and let go of expired patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us. 

Go analog or digital with this and answer these 3 questions: 
- What personal rules or beliefs feel expired or outdated to you? 
- What does your body need to release, renew and flourish?
- What are you curious or excited to explore? (No worries if it feels 'irrational'; reach far and wide on this one!)

Put your answers into action within the next 24 hours, and keep it going throughout the next month!

Know that you're supported, resourceful and lovable beyond measure. There is no unhealable state of mind. Show up as you are in this moment and do a little work to help you find your rhythm and flow. Breathe.

If you want to take it a step further and put all of this into motion, join me at any of the classes below! We'll go deep and sweat it out.  And if you're not in New York, I'm leading some exciting retreats around the world! Check it out and be in touch with any questions. I'm honored to share these offerings with you and hope to work together more personally.

Were these questions challenging or easy breezy for you? Any amazing insights you want to share? Please leave your comments below + share with others who you know could use the read. 

Love Yous,