Self-Love Musings

We're in a world where self-love is lacking. We all know how to have ideas, do stuff, make stuff, share stuff, and keep ourselves busy. But what about honest and real SELF-LOVE?

True self-love starts from the inside. It's not selfish or self-serving, although thankfully we do benefit from it. We love ourselves so we can serve with more heart and soul. We all need more of it in our lives - in our thoughts, in our words, in our cells, in our bones, and in our blood. Not only will we thrive personally from drinking in more self-love, the planet and all of those we encounter will benefit. 

When we feel good we do good. When we feel beauty we see beauty. When we feel empowered we empower others. 

Next time you see your reflection or catch your self thinking abusive thoughts, tell yourself, "I am beautiful and exquisite. I accept and approve of where I am right now in this moment." Be in awe with this life and body you've been given - as you are right now. This self-loving perspective is infectious in the best possible way.

Share this with anyone who may need a loving boost today! And feel free to leave a comment about ways you show yourself love.  

(*This rant is inspired by my amazing healer and teacher named Pingo, who I've been working one-on-one with all summer. Get in touch if you want her info. She's a true angel and healer.)

Photo by Elena Gorelik

Photo by Elena Gorelik