The Power of Your Words

Whether thought or spoken, there is power in our words. When we notice ourselves slipping into negative thought forms, it’s up to us to shift gears and train ourselves to think happy and loving thoughts. 

The chatter of our mind can get the best of us if we don't pay attention. But a lousy inner dialogue is counter-productive. How can you show up as your best self today? Tap into the power of your words and thoughts as often as possible, and I promise things will begin to shift. 

Like most things, this takes practice. 

Below are three powerful mantras that will help you to be more present and relaxed. Be sure to repeat each one at least three times out-loud or silently. Say them with intention and conviction to invoke their greatest power.

Thoughts can pull us in every direction if we’re not aware of their power. When we pay attention, we affirm our ability to uplift our perspective and more consciously direct our thoughts. Relax into yourself and repeat this mantra several times.

Resistance is often a sign that change is happening. Breathe, relax, and remain centered; the other side is right there. Allow yourself to expand into possibility, even if it feels unknown right now. Repeat this mantra until you begin to feel softer and lighter.

Our inner compass is our intuition. As we strengthen our relationship to this gentle yet directive voice inside it becomes brighter and clearer. Pause, feel, and listen. Repeat this mantra several times whenever you feel overwhelmed or indecisive.

When we positively reshape how we think and speak, how we feel in our body and mind will shift for the better as well - which will create profound results in every aspect of our life. So practice often.

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