Allow the Inquiry

Some days it's crystal clear what I want to say or what my mission is. Other days I feel like I'm standing in a misty haze, unsure of my voice or direction.

We live in a culture of 'go' and 'do' - so it can sometimes seem like an inconvenience when life asks us to look closer and inquire about who and what we're becoming. 


If we spin this around, light it up from the inside with some deep breaths, and allow this inquiry to be showered with acceptance - a softening can blossom, allowing an effortless flow to naturally direct this life force with more ease and trust.

As a reminder to me and to you - all is well, things are in divine order, your path is evolving, and it's okay to pause as you reflect on who and what you're becoming. 

If you're at a cross roads of any kind, take a moment to enjoy the view and feel your way into your heart and breath. There is a universe of wisdom here.