Love is Stronger Than Hate

As a Woman, a Native American Jew, and a Human Being, I'm proud of my heritage and I'm even more honored to be a human. I am appalled by what is going on in the country and around the world right now.

I believe in light, love and peace. I also believe in the shadow and it's many shades. We have an opportunity to come together like never before, to awaken and accelerate healing. This is not soft talk, this is real talk.

It takes courage to STAND UP for love and for what is good in humanity, AND still look in the mirror to recognize the ways in which we are privileged or carry power. We use this privilege and power, we use our voices, we share with one another more, and we embrace how deeply connected we all are. 

We are humanity and we are related whether or not you want to believe that.

Let's come together as HUMANITY, charge up our shields of love and use them with conviction as we stand strong together, and justice for all.

Let's be true warriors, who may feel fear but still do the right thing regardless.

Who sees through the hate and bravely stands for what is right for all.

Who never loses sight of a better world full of peace and diversity, even when we witness the ugly side of humanity.


Who can see themselves in others and carry compassion even as we fight the good fight.

If we stand for LOVE then we must discover ways to maintain this in our approach and spirit even as anger swells.

Love is not passive, love is fierce and all consuming. We are warriors of love.