When Love and Ritual Moves Us Forward

How do we get through the dark cloud or the tough patch? How can we grow and even flourish in the face of grief, loss, confusion or a painful transition? We're human, and such experiences are inevitable along the way. To avoid them is to deny the full range of being alive. Yet there are those days when we get seduced by the cloud. We know we should reach out for support or get up and move our body, yet fall prey to the tendency to isolate or keep ourselves endlessly busy and our feelings distant.

Life is a dance between friction and freedom. One informs the other and polishes our spirit to be more real and true. When we choose life, we also choose growth. And with growth comes change in myriad forms. How can we feel deeply while also remaining connected and willing? We allow humility in, we see our part, we ask for support, and we show up for ourselves with any amount of love.

Self-love is a practice, especially on the heavy days. With practice, this love ripples into our work, our relationships, our spirituality, and our mental, physical and emotional health.  True self-love is about connecting to and eventually accepting our whole self. This love makes us trust in life.

Here’s a few rituals that will help you cultivate steady resilience and unbroken self-love. Stick with the following regimen for the next 30 days and I promise you will feel results. You can go big and do them all, or stick with your top one. If you miss a day simply get right back on track and look ahead.

1.     SIT STILL: Daily meditation helps us recognize the subtle voice of our inner guru, strengthens this connection, and helps us feel more centered and nurtured. Carve out some space to sit quietly. Light a candle, get comfy, and set your timer so you can relax. If you need some extra grounding, hold a stone or crystal. If meditation is new for you sit for 1-3 minutes, or step it up and sit for 11-20 minutes. Pick a timeframe that works with your morning flow. End your meditation with a prayer of love and gratitude, then ask Spirit to support you in the ways you need today.

2.     SPIRIT WRITE: Grab your journal and pen. Pause, take a few breaths, and ask your guiding Spirit for ‘direction and protection’. Then, ask a specific question or tap into where you most need support. Begin to freely write – no editing, no filtering, no judging. Write until you have nothing left in you. Let it flow regardless of what you feel or see. Once complete, read and reflect. Go back to this entry whenever you need a revealing reminder. Allow yourself to ask for spiritual support and empty your head.

3.     ORACLE WISDOM: Working with an oracle or affirmation deck is a quick way to connect with your intuition. This inner wisdom has a natural instinct to return to love. Choosing a card can be a part of your morning meditation or a nice evening ritual. Choose a time of day that works for you and consistently work with your cards. The more you work with your favorite deck the more they begin to really speak. As you pick your cards, feel into what they tell you and trust the insights you receive.

Your sweet heart and soul wants to get to know you. A little love and ritual goes a long way. I know these practices work when done consistently - start small and breathe big. If you’d like to have an inspiring tool to guide your journey along, check out the healing oracle set that I created called The Moon Deck.

May we each learn to listen; may we allow love and ritual to move us forward.