Intuitive Oracle Readings  


  • One-on-one, couples, and group sessions

  • Personalized rituals for intuitive living

  • Support during transitions, healing, and growth

  • Oracle readings at your private events

An Intuitive Oracle Reading with The Moon Deck uses a combination of cards and counseling to offer insightful direction, deeper self-awareness, and inward clarity. It may feel similar to a tarot reading, however with a lighter tone.

We begin with an Intention Meditation followed by a series of cards, conversation, and writing to reveal what most needs your attention. The cards also reveal empowering Rituals that are best suited for you to put into daily practice so that you can bring your intentions to life while refining your self-care.


As the author and co-creator of The Moon Deck and a long-time wellness educator, I’m honored to share the depth of these cards with you to help foster deeper connection and listening.

Private readings are done face to face on live video (so you can be anywhere in the world!). Optionally, they can be done in person if you’re in Los Angeles, or on the occasion when I’m in New York.

Please use the form below to schedule a private reading, group readings, or events:

Private Readings (live face-to-face video or at Aarona’s space in LA or NYC):
(Sliding Scale available for those who truly need financial support, on longer readings. Please inquire.)

$250 — 75+ minute ‘Deep Dive Reading’

$180 — 45 minute ‘Clarity Reading’

$60 — 20 minute ‘Welcome Reading’ (Live video. For new or skeptical clients who want to dip their toes in)

$60 — 20 minute ‘Update Reading’ (Live video. For existing clients who want a quick check-in)

House Calls: price varies based on your location, please inquire below for details

Groups or Special Events: please inquire below to discuss your vision and to create something truly magical and beautiful

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