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The Ultimate Iceland Yoga + Adventure Retreat


“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing” – A Nordic Saying. 
Icelanders will tell you that winter is the most breathtaking time to visit their awe-inspiring country.  The beauty of Iceland is not only found in it’s raw otherworldly nature, but in the unique and creative culture that bleeds out of Reykjavik. We’ve anchored this trip around the Sonar Music Festival – chasing the northern lights and the majestic South to start and then returning to Reykjavik to explore the music, art and incredible Icelandic culture.

Daily yoga practice in the global heartland of geothermal energy, northern lights, meditation, hot spring soaks, glacier hikes, the wild elements of earth, and mossy lava rock journeys serve as the backdrop for this inspiring journey of inner and outer exploration.  You’ll get a diverse overview of this magical land as we travel throughout, starting in the far southern tip to explore glaciers & Icebergs, we’ll move to a new hotel in the cultural center of Reykjavik and close at a luxurious adventure retreat in the heart of geothermal activity. Plenty of free time and optional trips make this escape customizable to all levels and interests.


  • Chasing Northern Lights
  • Hot Springs
  • Skaftafell Ice Cave
  • Jokulsarlon Glacier Beach
  • Sonar Music Festival
  • Magnificent Waterfalls
  • Daily Yoga Classes

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here’s no where else in the world where the culture and the people are such clear reflections of the magnificent nature that surrounds them. As Iceland embraces you it teaches that we are not just trying to be one with nature, but that we are nature itself. The beauty of a yoga retreat is the attention given this concept of embodying our own nature and there’s no better teacher than the young but wise, Iceland.

On this journey we’ll pulse between diving deeply into the most magnificent and powerful parts of Iceland and the most magnificent and powerful parts of the human experience.  We’ll start by journeying South, into the enchanting winter wonderland with the ultimate goal of seeing the Northern Lights and joining together as a small supportive community coming from around the world. While our heads will be tilted up to the magic of the sky our bodies will begin to ground in the earth with wonderful yoga classes.  We’ll take it a step further and sink into the healing and unique waters of the hot springs and awe inspiring glaciers.  The famous Jokulsarson iceberg beach and the Skaftafell Ice Cave will be among the numerous highlights that will be enjoyed on our unique winter Iceland yoga retreat.

We’ll then head back to Reykjavik to immerse ourselves in the Icelandic culture. The amount of music and art that comes out of this tiny capital of less than 300,000 people is mind-blowing.  We decided to plan around the Sonar Music festival to really experience the creative energy that we love about Reykjavik.  This will also be a time for exploring on your own, shopping, going to delicious restaurants, reading & writing, in cafes, soaking in hot tubs and enjoying this quaint european city.

We can’t visit Iceland without exploring the beauty and power of the Glaciers on the South Coast. Our Last few days in on this mystical island will be filled with exploring the unique and every changing glacial landscape of the South.  The famous Jokulsarson iceberg beach and the Skaftafell Ice Cave will be among the numerous highlights that will be enjoyed on the few days of our winter Iceland yoga retreat.