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Full Moon Yoga Circle: For Women Who Want to Awaken the Oracle Within

Join Aarona, The Moon Deck, and Goldish for an inspired evening of moon magic

When women sit in circle we awaken our intuition, inspire our purpose, and support our healing. When the moon is full, it’s at its most luminous expression. All that we’ve been shaping with our intentions and actions since the last new moon is now expanding and growing. This full moon is a time when whatever is happening in our spirit, body and mind gets amplified. It’s a time when the waters and oceans swell with more intensity, making us feel more emotional and/or energized. When done mindfully, we can use this phase of the moon to harness and focus this energy into deep listening, clear vision, inspired action, and celebration.

We will begin with a group Moon Deck oracle reading, move into a collective sound healing meditation and yoga practice, dive deep into our Circle Share and Word Weaving (a journaling + real-talk practice that will help us set powerful intentions while experiencing a healthier inner dialogue and creating your own ‘power mantra’) and celebrate with fresh herbal teas, chocolates and fruits. Now is the time, more than ever, to get into our body and bring our visions to life. 

This is an all-levels yoga and meditation class. Please bring your yoga mat, a journal, something to write with, and a small candle to light. Feel free to place a personal or collective offering on the altar. 

Investment: 40$   (includes yoga, sound meditation, moon circle, herbal teas, fruit)