A 6- week support program to help you feel at home in your body, transform anxiety into productive energy, discover your personal formula for true confidence, and tap into the guidance of your intuition.

Are you feeling intuitively blocked or anxious about what to do next?  Have you found yourself in a place where all of your self-love and care practices have fallen away? Are you a sensitive person and easily affected by your thoughts and emotions? 

If it feels like you've hit a bump in the road or you simply need to redirect your purpose and perspective, know that these moments are a huge opportunity for growth and positive reflection. It's these very moments, when we forget who we are or know we need to shift, that carry the greatest medicine. 

The practice of self-love and self-care is essential to establishing a healthy mindset and perspective - which will 100% ripple into the rest of your life. We need to connect to our inner source of power daily if we want to be happy and productive.  It's a continuous practice of heightening intuition through the path of self-love.


Welcome to an opportunity to make small daily changes for big life results. You don't need to change your job or jump ship to make this happen. This is about brave and beautiful living right here, right now so you can finally feel a sense of peace in your body and mind. The rest will unfold accordingly.

I'm offering a limited number of one-on-one 'Soul Love Rehab' coaching sessions for those who are ready to step it up. Together we will discover how to painlessly dissolve old rules that drag you down and create effective daily and weekly rituals that will enliven you.

This experiential game-changing program is a collaboration and I'm honored to be your guide.

SOUL LOVE REHAB at a glance:
- heart-full one-on-one weekly video or phone calls (you can be anywhere in the world)
- customized weekly homework: a recap of our calls + rituals for the week + journaling practices
- yoga and meditation practices to transform anxiety into productive soul love energy
- creative + writing 'projects' to help you focus and gain clarity with your purpose + direction
- personalized self-care rituals and new habits to help you feel at home in your own body
- support around diet, food, health and how you nurture yourself from the inside out

create a sacred altar in your home to express your spirit + give you a cozy contemplation nook
- a collection of enchanting affirmations and mantras + powerful prayers to use any time of day
- unleash your confidence + creative spark to truly make a difference and pursue your dreams
- learn to surf the tides of life with more centered ease, warrior focus and soul love

It's okay to feel heavy or resistant at times. It's also okay to overflow with joy and pleasure. I'm here to help you refine your 'feeling awareness' as you ignite a powerful core fire within you. This is the time to give yourself permission to feel it all and grow. I've been there too, some days I arrive there again. Yet once you create a simple self-love practice that's perfectly aligned with you, you'll be able to quickly get back on track.

- Soul Love Rehab is a 6 week one-on-one program
- Each week we work together during a 60 minute call
- After each call you receive a customized written recap that includes guidance + 'homework' filled with practices around journaling, rituals, mantras, meditations, and other self-love practices to help you dig deep and inspire your next steps
- Plus all of the program perks noted above 

- The total cost for the entire program is $1,080 when paid in one installment
- $600 paid in 2 installments, equaling $1,200
- $450 paid in 3 installments, equaling $1,350

* This program is customized and evolves according to your needs and the natural flow of our time together. There is room for engaging conversations, open Q+A, and redirection of themes when necessary. It's important that you commit to this program to reap the greatest benefits. 

If you're ready to jump on board or have any inquiries, please fill out the form below!