Yoga Soundscape is a moving meditation set to curated live music. Combined with a balance of flow, alignment, cathartic release, prayer and intention, each class moves seamlessly to an incredible array of talented musicians and laptop soundscapers  - offering soulful sonic journeys ranging form old-world tribal instrumental to experimental electronic beats. Together we conduct a special space that allows you to dial deep into the brilliance of your breath and the resilient strength of your body.

Stay tuned for special events + contact me if you would like to bring us to you. 



YOGA SOUNDSCAPE: NYC || weekly classes at Kula Yoga Project. Each Friday features different musicians sharing sounds from across the globe. The music greatly informs the practice and energy of the room.


YOGA SOUNDSCAPE: ICELAND || an exceptional 7 piece Icelandic orchestra + 300 people from all over gathered to do yoga in the exquisite concert hall, Harpa in Reykjavík, Iceland.


YOGA SOUNDSCAPE: BECOMING  ||  an inspiring, multi-media, multi-sensory experience where art meets spirit.  A dynamic story about our body, the earth and becoming, with live music by some of NY's top musicians, projected visuals from floor to ceiling, and a thoughtfully mapped out yoga class.