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  • Yoga Union 37 W 28th Street (4th Floor) New York, NY, 10001 USA (map)

A workshop for teachers who want to create thoughtful + intelligent class using the power of rhythm + music.

Whether or not we're aware of it, sound is having an impact on us in our daily lives. As teachers, we have an opportunity to create a space that consciously uses sound, voice, music, silence and thoughtful instruction—giving rest to the usual noise of life. 

Music and sound combined with yoga is simply a pathway that can be used as a powerful, motivating, and enriching tool in class. Equally important is the skill of teaching in silence. If we remain attached to either, we may lose the gift that each holds.

In this workshop we will explore:
- how music is a universal language that inspires connection
- how to sequence a class, combined with a well ordered music
  playlist, to create a journey
- your theme, your style of teaching, and what mental and energetic   
state you want to inspire
- how to work with live musicians in a balanced and insightful
- how music and sound can help focus the mind into the present 
  moment, reduce stress/anxiety, uplift/soften mood, and steady the
  flow of breath
- how music can have a positive or an agitating impact depending on
  whether or not your playlist yolks with your voice and sequence
- how the vibrational ‘sound’ of both music and silence can work
  beautifully together, making you a more versatile teacher and an
  empathic guide in any setting

- the power of using rhythm, melody and harmony as a metronomic
  tool for your voice and the pace of your sequence to offer your
  students a powerful shift and a sense of freedom in their practice