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Resonant Sound Journey

  • Kula Yoga 28 Warren St New York, NY, 10007 United States (map)

Tyler Sussman on didgeridoo, flute, clarinet
Sub: Yoga Teacher Alyona Mindlin  (catch her before she moves to Cali!)

Tyler Sussman is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and co-founder of the Didge Project. With profound inspiration coming straight from the natural wonders of mother earth, his music celebrates life which can be felt in the room with every breath.  You can often find him performing in various yoga classes, jazz clubs, outdoor music festivals and meditation retreats where his music works to raise vibrational awareness and wellbeing. Tonight we will explore the metronomic pulse in sound and how its steady, yet dynamic flow can help support the lila - the sanskrit word for divine play.  Alyona will take the teachers seat tonight as she guides us into the vastness of breath and movement. Her dedication to inspire evolution, consciousness, peace, joy and bliss can be felt in each of her classes.  This duo met on a train 6 years ago when Tyler was playing didge and she was meditating to it's deep drone.  They have collaborated many times ever since!