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Raga Meditations

* This is the last Yoga Soundscape at Kula for a little while. Please join us and help make it extra magical! And stay tuned for special Soundscape events coming up throughout the season!

Eric Fraser on Bansuri Flute

Move deep into the meditative and uplifting sounds of the classical Indian raga tradition. A 'raga' uses a series of musical notes to construct a melody that invokes deep emotion and connection, also inspired by the time of day. For this evening performance Eric Fraser will perform live on Bansuri Flute, tapping into the seamless transition from afternoon to night, creating a musical arc that inspires focus and intention. A disciple of his guru Pandi Gopal Roy, Eric Fraser is an accomplished Bansuri Flute player whose flute playing vividly conjures up old world India. He lives between Kolkata and NYC throughout the year and performs extensively with many of the most respected maestros of Indian and world music. This will be a beautiful moving meditation, guiding us into a timeless world of musical form.